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6 Ton Small Excavator

6 ton small excavator is suitable for farming or urban construction. This excavator adopts steel track and air conditioned cabin. Yanmar engine with Rexroth hydraulic pump and Korean brand valve and hydraulic motors. Front dozer blade is standard equipped. Hydraulic breaker is optional.
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Model No.: 4TNV94L-SYU6ton excavator yanmar engine.jpg

Rated power: 35.5kw/2200rpm

Displacement: 3.054L

Yanmar engine is well known as low fuel consumption and low noise.

Yanmar engine is widely used in small excavators. The engine cover

can be opened easily and lightly. The cover is hinged with the cross beam

and supported by two air springs. This provides access to major components

and service points including engine oil check and fills, vertically mounted engine

oil filter, starter motor and alternator. Easy access to the radiator and oil cooler

results in simplified cleaning and reduced maintenance times.


The famous KYB hydraulic pump delivers superior hydraulic power and performance. small excavator hydraulics.jpg

Both Japanese brands engine and pump are matched perfectly which provide smoother

operation and quick cycle time. The optimized design of hydraulic systems reduces the

flow loss and the hydraulic impact. It extends the service life of the hoses and other

hydraulic parts. Meanwhile, the operation will be smoother and the cycle time will be quicker.


Spacious and comfortable operator station with excellent visibility and legroom cabin inside.jpg

keeps the operator comfortable and reduces fatigue. The cabin is equipped with

reclining suspension seat with adjustable wrist rests, air conditioner, radio and

pilot control joysticks.


The steel track is better for harsh conditions such as demolition. The extra weightsteel track with rollers.jpg

of the steel tracks generally provides better stability when digging over the side of

the machine.  The machine weight is supported by the strong and high welded track rollers.

World has an advance auto assembling line for the small excavators. The strict QC

systems and the experienced worker ensure the stable quality and high performance

of the excavators.


Engine   System
Brand &   OriginYanmar   (Japan)
Rated Power35.5/2200kw/rpm
Max. Torque197-214Nm/1000±100rpm
Idling Speed1100rpm
Engine   Displacement3.054L
Cylinder   No.-BorexStroke4-94mmx110mm
Engine Oil   Capacity6.7~12L
Fuel Tank   Capacity113L
Fuel   Consumption Rate235g/kw.h   or less
Working Specifications
Operating   weight 5800(Kg) 
Bucket   capacity 0.25(m3) 
Max. breakout force 
(1)Bucket   digging force 36.7(KN)
(2)Arm digging   force 32.6(KN)
Max.digging   height 5641(mm) 
Max.dumping   height3929(mm) 
Max.digging   depth 3778(mm) 
Max.vertical   wall digging depth 2764(mm) 
Max.digging   reach 6090(mm) 
Min.front   swing radius 2441(mm) 
Max.pulling   force 39.7(kN)   speed(double modes) 2.2/4(km/h) 
Max.grade   ability 70%
Overall   dimensions
Length(with   bucket on ground) 7740(mm) 
Width 1920(mm) 
Bucket   width 674(mm) 
Ground length   (in transportation) 5963(mm) 
Height(To the   top of the boom) 3995(mm) 
Height(To the   top of the cab) 2583(mm) 
Counter weight   ground clearance 691(mm)
Track   gauge 1500(mm) 
Tail swing   radius 1645(mm) 
Min. ground   clearance 380(mm) 
Rotating   platform width 597(mm) 
Counter weight   height 377(mm) 
Crawler teeth   thickness 67(mm) 
Reach from   swing center to tail 1645(mm) 
Crawler ground   length 1990(mm) 
Standard arm   length 2038(mm) 
overall length   of crawler 5400(mm) 




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