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Factory for Agriculture Machines

WAM was established in 1997 to produce tractor mounted harvesters and wheel drive combine harvesters in the beginning. In 2007, WAM started to produce farm tractors and agriculture implements as the harrow, plough, hay baler, planter, hay rake and rice dryer.
World brand rice combine harvesters has more than 40% market share in China based on the reliable quality, high performance and in time service. WAM produced and sold about 40,000 units harvesters and it created a history of Chinese agriculture machines market. The rice harvesters were exported to Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South American countries and African countries. In 2016, about 15% were exported.
Meanwhile, world brand tractors market share is increasing although the market is very competitive. WAM produce most of the parts and that is the big advantage to compare to other manufactures cause of they only do assembling. World brand tractors are expected to get 20% market share in the coming 3 years.




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