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World group was established in 1988 as a private company in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. World has 21 subsidiary companies totally. The main business is to produce and sell power press machines, agriculture machines, construction machines, auto parts and garden tools.


For 30 years, World group has been making suitable progress possible and driving positive change on each industry. World has applied for 573 patents and obtained 122 authorized patents, 404 utility models patents, 36 invention patents and 47 design patents. World is also a registered well-known trademark by SAIC.


With 2016 sales and revenues of $3.692 billion, World group is one of the TOP500 private companies in China and TOP100 companies in Jiangsu Province. Now, World is one of the leading power press manufacturers, the biggest combine harvester manufacturer, the biggest lawn mower manufacturer, and one of the main construction machines manufactures in China.



  1988      Established the first factory to produce textile machinery parts 

  1989      Started to produce air filters

  1993      Established a factory to produce kitchen equipment

  1995      Started to produce crankshafts for diesel engine

  1997      Established agriculture machines branch to produce combine harvesters

  1998      Bought the power press factory from a state owned company

  2002      Started the business of real estate

  2002      Established the garden tools branch to produce lawn mowers

  2003      Started to produce shearing machine and bending machine

  2006      Power press branch was public listed on Singapore Stock Market

  2007      Bought 2 wheel loaders factories and started to produce excavators

  2007      Started to produce farm tractors and agriculture implements

  2009      Yingxin World Machinery-Shanghai exporting center was established

  2010      Bought a state owned company which focus on textile industry

  2011       World-Westin Hotel was built in Hainan Province

  2011       Worldlawn USA was established


Honors and Social Responsibility

During the past 30 years, World earned a lot of honors and high reputation from the customers and government. World also invested a lot of money to carry out the social responsibility.





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