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21 Ton Hydraulic Excavator

21 ton excavator is most suitable for road construction, building construction and evenly for mining construction. This excavator is standard equipped with 113kw ISUZU engine, Kawasaki hydraulic pump, air conditioned cabin and 600mm steel track. Accessories as hydraulic quick change coupler, hydraulic breaker, grapple and hydraulic shear are all optional. Smooth operation and high efficiency make the excavator more competitive.
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  • W2215


Strong power output and digging force make excavators work more efficiently.isuzu engine for 21ton excavator.jpg

Automatic idle speed prevents unnecessary fuel consumption.

Control equipment hydraulic loss and engine fuel loss through central integrated control.

Use high efficient matching technology between engine and hydraulic system.

Use a specially designed for construction machinery high pressure fuel injection system

to improve engine durability.



Use KAWASAKI large displacement main pump and Parker main valve. 21ton excavator piston type pump.jpg

There are lots of advantages such as good complex operation, precise action,

easy and efficient operation, etc.

Water cooler and oil cooler make better cooling effect, and prevent overheating.

Main parts in hydraulic and electrical system are international advance brand.



Low noise engine and pressure seal, absorption of vibration cabin ensures good 21ton excavator cabin.jpg

noise reduction capability.

Air conditioned cabin, it is easy to set the cabin temperature and maintain constant

cabin temperature through quick button. Defrost function makes sure the front window clear.

Floated seat with vibration-absorptive function and safety belt, position can be adjustable.

Fixed with strong adhesive force anti-slip plate.

Clapboard of engine room: thermal shield, noise reduction, to prevent oil splashed on the

high temperature position of engine by accident.

Thermal baffle: to prevent the hand touch the high temperature position or get hurt by the

fan when checking the engine.

Special cabin: model designs, structure design of large cross section ensure the durability

of the cabin. Strengthened frame enable the cabin greatly enhance the shock resistance.

Safety locking bar can lock the equipment hydraulic to prevent mis-operation.



Color LCD display in English and Chinese.LCD monitor for excavator.jpg

The controller monitoring the fuel level, coolant temperature and battery charge, etc.

Any abnormal situation will be show on the screen and alarm.

The controller will notify to replace the oil and filter when the replace cycle has come.

Volume of work priority and fuel saving priority function.

H mode: heavy load, but work fast

S mode: middle load, considering both operating and fuel consumption

L mode: light load, low fuel consumption priority



Use of 3D design and finite element analysis, achieve a reasonable excavator undercarriage.jpg

high strength structural.

The boom, digging arm and bucket all using strengthen intensity as standard

configuration, which can meet user’s demand of long term and high intensity construction.

Use high wear resistance steel plate for bucket.

Large cross-sectional design boom, all stressed part been strengthened, thus the

maximum avoid the stress concentration, improve service life.

Strengthened swing plate.

Engine System
Brand & OriginIsuzu(Japan)
Rated Power (kw/rpm)113.2/2100
Max. Torque (N.m)55011600rpm
Idle Speed (rpm)950
Engine Displacement (L)6.494
Cylinder No.-Bore x Stroke (mm)6-105*125
Engine Oil Capacity (L)16-21.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)375
Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kw.h)≦237
Hydraulic System
Main PumpBrandKawasaki
Rated Pressure (MPa)31.4/34.3
Multiple Unit ValveBrandParker
Rated Pressure (MPa)31.4/34.3
Hydraulic MotorTravel   Motor BrandDoosan
Traveling Speed (H/L km/h)5.2/3.2
Swing Motor BrandSungbo
Swing Speed (r/min)12
Hydraulic CylinderBoom   Cylinder (mm)120*85
Arm Cylinder (mm)135*95
Bucket Cylinder (mm)115*80
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)180
Working Specifications
Weight (kg)21400
Bucket Capacity (m3)0.9
Bucket Width (mm)1150
Bucket Digging Force (kN)120
Arm Digging Force (kN)94.5
Ground Pressure (KPa)48
Grade ability 35°
Max. Digging Depth (mm)6486
Max. Digging Height (mm)10095
Max. Digging Radius (mm)9813
Max. Discharging Height (mm)7196
Min. Ground Clearance (mm)460
Min. Swing Radius (mm)2708
Overall Dimensions (mm)L:9400xW:2800xH:3010





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