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Factory for Garden Tools

  2002 WPM company set up and manufacturer first 22 inch petrol lawn mower cooperated with German technician.
  2003 WPM USA branch company set up in Southern California and focus on commercial lawn mower sales with WORDLAWN brand in North America market.
  2004 Annual sales volume exceed 18,000 units.
  2005 Invest to build up new workshop and office building in Economic zone of Danyang City.
  2006 New workshop and production line put to use and can realize maximum production capacity of lawn mower 600,000 units /year.
  2007 Establish WORLD brand lawn mower sales network in domestic market.
  2008 Achieve total annual sales volume 100,000 units. 
  2009 Invest 20 million USD to found CNC centre for General petrol engine production line and start producing WORLD brand petrol lawn mower engine.
  2010 Achieve total annual sales volume 210,000 units.
  2011 Finish Purchasing USA Commercial lawn mower manufacturer Encore”Achieve total annual sales volume 300,000 units.
  2012 New designed 19&21 inch and improved 18&20 steel series lawn mower launch to international market.
  2013 New design 40 inch lawn tractor launch to international. 
  2014 Focus on promoting WORLD brand lawn mower sales in European market.




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