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Factory for Metal Forming Machines

The power press machine branch was originally established in 1953 as a state owned company. But just produce small eccentric press as 3.5ton, 6.3ton, 10ton, 16ton, 25ton and the biggest is 63ton. Since 1990, it started to do OEM production for the Chinese famous press brand AOTU (Shanghai No.2 Metal Forming Factory).


In 1998, World group bought this factory and invest to expand the production capacity. In the meantime, World established a R&D center in Shanghai, a R&D center in Ningbo and started to cooperate with AIDA. In 2006, this branch was public listed in Singapore Stock Market. In 2010, Shenyang branch was established to produce press, shearing machine, bending machine and hydraulic press for North Chinese market.


Now, this factory can produce about 20,000 units press machines per year and has more than 30% market share in China. World brand press has been exported to more than 80 countries and served for home appliance industry, auto parts industry, electrics and communication industry etc.




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