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Factory for Construction Machines

The construction machine branch WHI was established in 2007 to produce hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders. Chinese government invested a lot in construction area and demand of construction machines is big. But most of the suppliers are abroad brands with high prices and lower service quality. It was a chance, so World group bought 2 wheel loaders factories (one in Jiangxi and the other in Jiangsu) as the beginning and built the new factory at the same time.


Soonest WHI could provide series wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators to the market. In 2008, WHI started to export construction machines to North African and South American markets. Although World is a new brand, the reliable quality and competitive price help World to earn a lot of customers.


Now WHI exporting business is keeping stable and increasing although domestic market is big volatile. WHI can produce most of the parts such as frames, chassis, working equipment, gearbox, axles and some of the hydraulic elements. That is why WHI can keep increasing while a lot competitors log off this business.




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