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5 Ton Wheel Loader with 3 Cbm Bucket

5 ton Wheel Loader with 3 cbm bucket and 5000 kg rated load, 220hp diesel engine, planet type gearbox with hydraulic converter, air conditioned cabin, tyre size 23.5-25, 16500 kg operation weight. Accessories as pallet fork, coal bucket, rock bucket, wood log grapple and grass grapple are optional.
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160 kw Cummins 6CTA8.3-C215 engine as standard.loader cummins engine.jpg Shangchai SC11CB220 engine

and Weichai WD10G220 diesel engine are optional. All are 6 cylinders 4 strokes.

Big size water cooling system combined with high quality hydaulic oil radiator, ensures

better cooling performance even the wheel loader working in very hot area or sand area.

Double ail filter cores make air cleaner inside the engine.


ZL50 planet type gearbox with hydraulic torque converter has 2 forward and 1 strong transmission.jpg

reverse speeds. Hydraulic power delivers smoother shift. The torque converter

is single stage, four elements with double turbines. The maximum permissible

temperature can be 120 degree. This transmission system provides strong power,

smooth operation and low cost for maintenance.

The axles are designed to handle extreme applications resulting in reliable

performance and extended life. The front axle is rigidly mounted to the frame in

order to withstand internal torque loads and still maintain support for the wheelZL50 gearbox.jpg

loader. The rear axle can oscillate to ±13 degrees helping to ensure all four wheels

stay on the ground providing stability even in the roughest terrain. The main reducer

uses spiral bevel gears with differential. The hub reducer uses planet gears. The air

over oil active brake is a dry type caliper brake with brake discs and brake pads which

is easy for maintenance and better for radiating.


The standard spacious cabin is equipped with shock absorbing seat, radio spacious cabin.jpg

and air conditioner. The optimized Seating System is 6-way adjustable to

accommodate operators of all sizes. The seat has a one piece high back that

supports the lumbar area of the back up through the shoulders. Both armrests

are large and can be adjusted up, down, fore, and aft to enhance comfort and

convenience. The steering column can be adjusted too. And the cabin is

mounted to the frame with hydraulic damper which decrease the noise and



The front frame is connected with the rear frame by pins and bearings.central articulated frames.jpg

The space is big which is easy for maintenance. The high precision of

hole boring makes it easy to connect the articulations. High quality

temperature treatment ensures the hardness of the pins. In this way,

the loader can be operated smoothly with lower fuel cost.

World wheel loaders adapt best quality hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders,

joints, seals and hoses. Advances hydraulic system design offers smoother

operation, lower oil temperature and better hydraulic pressure assignment.

Each loader is tested strictly to check the oil leak, oil temperature, operation

and power before shipment.

Basic   Data
Bucket Capacity3.0m³
Rated Load5000kg
Travelling Speed
Forward 1st0-11.5km/h
Forward 2nd0-37.5km/h
Reverse 1st:0-17km/h
Max. Traction165kN
Max. Break Out Force150kN
Wheel Base3427mm
Min. Turning Radius (outside tires)6700mm
Max. Dumping Height3100mm
Max. Reach1200mm
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time≤11.1s
Full Bucket Lifting Time5.7s
Dimensions (LxWxH)8075x2960x3500mm
Min. Clearance Over Ground450mm
Operating Weight16200kg

Diesel   Engine
ModelCUMMINS   6CTA8.3 or CAT6121 or WEICHAI WD10G
TypeDirect   injection, turbocharged, water cooling, 4 strokes, 6 cylinders
Rated Output162/162/160kW
Rated Speed2200rpm
Max. Torque855/908/860N.m

Hydraulic Torque Converter ModelSingle   stage, two phase, four components
Transmission Type2   forward and 1 reverse gears/hydraulic power shift, planet type
Max.Permissible Temp.120

Transaxle   & Tyre 
Drive System4   wheel drive 
Type of main ReducerSpiral   bevel gear, single stage
Type of hub ReducerPlanet   gear
Rear Axle OscillationCenter   oscillation
Tyre Size23.5-25
Pressure Of Tyre0.28-0.32MPa

Working   Hydraulic System
Working Pump TypeGear   Pump
System Working Pressure17   MPa
Working Pump Max. Flow Rate 328 l/min
Lifting Cylinder Bore x Stroke165x757mm
Tilting Cylinder Bore x Stroke200x540mm

Steering   System 
TypeArticulation,   full hydraulic power steering system with flow-amplified system
Steering Pump TypeGear   pump
Max. Flow Rate43L   (1920r/min)
Max. Working Pressure12MPa
Steering Cylinder Bore x Stroke100x342mm
Max. Steering Angle35°

Brake   System 
TypeCaliper   disc brake, air over oil activate, 4 wheel brake
Drive Brake System Pressure0.71-0.784MPa
Parking BrakeHand   brake, drum type

Oil   Injection Capacity
Fuel Tank300L
Engine Oil30L
Hydraulic Oil Tank200L




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