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165 Hp Bulldozer

WD165Y bulldozer is equipped with CAT licensed C6121 engine, which adopts semi-rigid suspended, power shift, hydraulically controlled and swing type of sprayed beam . It is applicable for road construction, water and electricity engineering farmland leveling, port building, mining and other engineering conditions. Also WD165Y can be fitted with winch system and be used in lumbering.
  • WD165Y
  • WD165Y
ModelShangchai C6121ZG57
TypeStraight   vertical, 4 stroke, water cooling, direct injection type
Flywheel   power122 kw
Rated speed1850 rpm
No. of   cylinder-bore x stroke6-121x152 mm
Starting   methodElectric starting,   24V, 7.5kw
Air cleanerDry type, precleaned   cyclone air cleaner
Min fuel   consumption ratio208 g/kw.h
Transmission system
Torque   converter3   element, single stage, single phase
TransmissionHydraulic   shift, planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, forced lubrication by gear pump
Bevel gearHelical   bevel gear, splash lubricated
Steering   clutchWet   type, multiple disc, spring loaded, hand-operated with booster and hydraulic   released
Steering brakeWet   band brake, operated with hydraulic booster
Final driveSpur   gear, double reduction, splash lubricated
Working hydraulic system
Working   pressure14 Mpa
Rated flow243 L/min (2000rpm)
PumpDouble gear pump
Control valveHand-operated,   plunger, servo controlling
Cylinder bore   x rod x stroke110x65x1026 mm
TypeSealed   and lubricated single grouser or sealed single grouser
Track pitch203.2 mm
Track width560(510) mm
No. of track   shoes each side37
Length of   track on ground2430 mm
Ground   clearance400 mm
Track gauge1880 mm
Travel speed
Forward speed3.8/6.6/10.6 km/h
Reverse speed4.9/8.5/13.6km/h
Under carriage
No. of track   rollers each side6 (4 single and 2   double)
Track tensionHydraulic-adjusted




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