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160ton To 600ton Straight Side H Frame Eccentric Press Machine

JW31 straight side single crank eccentric press machines are applicable to light, thin material, for single, and progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit. High rigidity frame, applications suitable for various kinds of stamping works. The press capacity is from 160ton to 630ton. Slide guide 8 faces for higher precision.
  • JW31
  • JW31

Main features of eccentric press machine

. Single crank with con-rod and pneumatic clutch with flywheel

. PLC control with HMI

. Steel welded mono-block type body

. High reliability and precision with 8 faces slide guides


JW31 straight side press uses a strong H frame body. The press body is steel welded h frame strong body.jpg

with high quality steel plates by carbon dioxide arc welding. After welding, all the

weld seams must pass the examination of ultrasonic inspection. The top transmission

gearbox is tested by oil bath to avoid any oil leak. Then, the press body will be heat

treatment and sand blasting. All these treatments will help to release the welding

stress for high rigidity. Press structure is optimized by computer and all the key

power points are strengthened.



JW31 H frame single crank press uses 8 surfaces type lengthened slide guides with press slide 8 faces guide gibs.jpg

bronze plates for higher guide precision. This type press is more suitable for blanking

and cutting process such as hinges production.

Press working table surface is grinded by high performance grinding machine for

better flatness.

Motorized ram adjustment precision is just 0.1mm with a digital indicator.

Press cross located crankshaft is under roller pressing treatment for better roughness.

The material is forged 40Cr with high hardness.

Transmission gears are grinding, high precision and lower noise.



Press with pneumatic clutch can work as continuous, inches or single stroke, more press pneumatic clutch.jpg

choices for operators. And a wet clutch is much better than dry type for lower noise

and lower maintenance cost. All the parts are closed inside the flywheel for dirty proof

and low down noise. Just need to change the oil every half year, no need often to

change the friction discs.

The friction discs and pressure plates are oil bath in the flywheel. Oils give better

lubrication and heat radiation which ensures longer service life.

Brake system can stop the press at any point especially for emergency stop.

The clutch uses high quality friction discs and seals. Special Y type seals ensure no oil leak.

All clutches are under balance testing and temperature testing before assembling to the press.



JW31 press is PLC control with HMI and cam controller. The press has both mechanica

press console system.jpg

l and electrical cam controllers. It is easy to set the cam angles to match the press with

automatic NC feeders or press transfer system. HMI has the function as with system

setting, lubrication setting, I/O monitor, counter setting and TDC reset.

Auto grease pump is standard equipped on the press and the operator can set the

lubrication frequency by the HMI according to the working time or working stroke times.

Operator only needs to check whether enough grease in the cup every working day.

Press ram is adjusted by brake motor with a digital shut height indicator. Precision is 0.1mm.

There is a button and an up/down selection switch on the control panel. So easy to test the

die height when install the die or change the die.



JW31 straight side power press is standard equipped with hydraulic overload system. hydraulic overload pump.jpg

Normally the system is set as 110% of the nominal capacity. The press will stop immediately

once it is overload than 110% to protect both the press and the die. It is easy to reset the

overload as there is a reset switch on the control panel. The system can be reset within

3 minutes.

Anti-repeat system is equipped to protect the operator when the press works as single

stroke mode. Emergency stop button is on the control panel to stop the press ram

immediately if any dangerous happens.

Double-hand control buttons give another safety system as the operator must press both

buttons at same time to avoid putting hands into the working area. Light barriers are optional

to protect the operator hands when press is working. An emergency stop button on the panel

can stop the press immediately once press the button down.

Nominal   CapacityPeKN1600200025003150400050006300
Slide   Strokesmm180200220220250250250
Slide Stroke SpeedFixednspm45353030252020
Max.Die   Shut HeightH2mm400450500550600650650
Die   Shut Height Adjustmenttmm110110120120120120120
Side Window SizeF-BEmm65075080085090010001100
Distance   Between UprightsGmm1100120013001350145016501800
Table SizeF-BDmm65075080085090010001200
Table Hole Diameter
Slide Bottom SizeF-Bbmm6007007508008509501200
Table   Surface HeightH1mm1005111512051215122512251400
Overall DimensionsF-BAmm2200230025002600270031003340
Motor   Power

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