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malfunctions and solutions of servo NC coil feeder

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This article is to introduce the solutions of maulfunctions of servo NC coil feeder (press NC feeder).

Roll feeder is used to automatic feed metal strip inside press stamping area. It has the function to set the feeding speed, feeding pitch and feeding times. Different steps feeding pitches are programmable.

But sometimes maulfunction or wrong operation may cause some alarms on the feeder. Following troubleshoots will be helpful for operation to solve the problems.

Alarm on servo pack

1) C80: encoder failue. Turn off power and restart to check if it can clear the alarm information. If still alarm C80 in servo driver, problem must be in servo motor. Replace a new servo motor.

2) C90: there are five possibilties.

. encoder cable is loose or wrong connection. Check encoder cable if connect right or getting loose. Pull out the encoder plug, check and connect correctly and firmly once again.

. Encoder cable is broken, short-circuited or the encoder cable is over in impedance. Check encoder cable if in good condition. Change suitable new encoder cable.

. Servo driver parts corrosion by temperature, humidity, air etc. Short-circuited by waterdrop, cutting fluid etc. Getting loose of connection by vibration etc. Check if mahine runs in such environment. Improve environment and replace a new encoder cable. If it still alarm out of C90, it should replace a set of new servo driver.

. Malfunction interfered by noise. Seprate servo motor cables and encoder cables, electrical grounding etc.

. Failure of servo driver. Check if it connect correctly of encode cables.

Alarm on the HMI/screen

1) Material not feed.

. X1 is release signal and should always light green light, it should turn off when come to release angle area. Check X1 indicate lamp in “MONITOR PAGE” of feeder's HMI. Check if it's correct of cam angle set in punch machine's "CAM ANGLE" page.

. Feed machine servo in the feeding of the green light of X1. Check these items as above

2) There is a sudden feeding error in feeding process.

. the leveling machine and the NC speed to match, the arc distance and height and punch speed is appropriate. Check these items. Adjust and improve the items.

. Check if it's too loose of the belt. Check condition of synchronous belt. Tighten the belt.

Any more troubleshoots, please feel free to contact us and we will try to provide intime service. World machinery is a professional supplier of metal parts stamping power press machines and the automatic coil feeding machines. Here you can get different types presses for your stamping line.




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