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power press lubrication: oil filling details of press machines

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How to do lubrcation and oil filling of power press machines

Lubrication is very important for a power press machine. Most world brand press machines are automatic lubricate lubrication. But we must do oil filling before starting the press. This article is to introduce the lubricate oil types and filling positions.

Top gearbox of power press

Gearbox is on top of the press with a cover plate. Just need to open the cover and fill in hydraulic oil. Oil type could be Shell Tellus 100, Mobile Vactra 100, ESSO Teresso 100, L-CKC100 machine oil, or 46# hydraulic oil. The oil shall cover 2/3 of the gear surfaces.

Clutch of pneumatic press machine

There is oil filling bolt plug on side of the clutch flywheel. Rotary the flywheel by hand till the bolt plug on the top. Take out the plug and fill in the oil till the oil level arrive at the middle red line on the oil gauge. Oil type could be Mobile ATS220 or 46# hydraulic oil.

Power Press ram

There is a cylinder for the con-rod ball inside the slide. There is a cover plate to cover the cylinder and fix the con-rod ball. We can fill in oil through the bolt plug. Oil type is same as the oil for gearbox. There is an oil gauge on the slide to check the filling oil level.

Press conection rod

Move the press slide to bottom. There is oil filling nozzle on the con-rod. Use oil gun or oil cup to fill in 46# hydraulic oil. Oil type can be same as gearbox.

Press overload protection pump oil tank

Oil type is same as gearbox oil. Just need to fill in hydraulic oil inside the oil tank. There is oil gauge on the tank.

Lubricate pump grease tank

Fill in 0# lithium grease with a grease gun. Take care do not open the tank. Only fill in grease with grease gun. Grease must be clean.

Manual oil pump

Fill in 46# hydraulic oil into the pump oil tank. Open the tan cover to fill in oil. Oil type could be same as gearbox oil.

Brake motor drive chain

Most world brand press is motorized slide adjustment. A brake motor is fixed on the ram back. Add some grease to the drive chain.

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