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Why world brand power presses adopt wet clutch

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This article is to introduce the advantages of wet clutch for press machines. Wet clutch cost is higher, but why customers prefer to wet type clutch? Why most world brand power presses adopt wet type clutches?

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, mechanical presses are used more and more widely in the automotive manufacturing industry. As the most important components of mechanical presses, the choice of clutches and brakes is particularly important. Clutches and brakes provide power and energy for the operation of the press. It controls the movement and stop of the slider. Its performance is closely related to the production efficiency and capacity of the press, and directly affects the repair, maintenance, and equipment of the press Safe production.


The press clutch and brake are used to start or stop the crank side lever mechanism of the press when the motor and flywheel are continuously rotating. Therefore, the clutch and brake are indispensable transmission parts to ensure the normal operation of the press, and the two must work in close cooperation and coordination. Except for a small number of small press brakes that are often used, for most medium and large presses, the brake must be released before the clutch is engaged, and the clutch must be disengaged before the brake is applied. Otherwise, it will cause severe heating and wear of the friction parts, or even failure. jobs. Generally, when the press is not working, the clutch is always in a disengaged state, and the brake is always in a braking state. Commonly used clutches can be divided into dry clutches and wet clutches.


The well-designed wet clutch is installed inside the flywheel. It is small size, low in inertia, and powerful. It is filled with oil in a closed space, so that the powder generated by the friction of the disc will not spread into the air. The most important thing is that because of the protection of the oil, the service life of the friction disc can be more than 10 years, and it is basically maintenance-free.


World brand press clutch provides customers with a dust-free, low-noise, comfortable and healthy working environment, and greatly reduce customer use costs.


Advantage 1

Adopting Japanese technical standards, after years of research and development and continuous improvement, the current series of wet clutches are known for their low noise, high stability, and low maintenance cost, which has become a huge advantage of World's products.


Advantage 2

The whole closed type of oil immersion lubrication can increase the service life of the friction plate and make the environment pollution-free.

Imported friction plate is selected, which has the performance characteristics of high strength, high friction coefficient, high temperature resistance and long life.


Advantage 3

The flywheel and clutch components undergo static and dynamic balance tests to ensure smooth operation.


Advantage 4

Especially suitable for 3C product industry (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics), its sealing structure can prevent dust from entering and ensure the quality of stamping products.





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