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Since April of this year, World Global Market Service has been officially launched. The service personnel of World have been going to the overseas line to provide customers with comprehensive inspection and maintenance, and to communicate with users in all aspects to understand users. The service engineers are not afraid of the hot temperature, not afraid of the sun, not afraid of bumps, and always insist that users get the most satisfactory service and go forward. Men's iron arms, measuring the land with footsteps, interpreting the most beautiful "Made in China"!


As a national enterprise, World Agricultural Machinery always insists on providing users with "high-quality products (rice and wheat combine harvester, rice transplanter, farm tractor and implements) and completely satisfactory services", and constantly pursues innovation in technology and service. "Service Full Satisfaction Project" has gained the height of industry, market and users. The Global Market Service is not only a counter-feeding to overseas customers, but also a great innovation for service. It will surely become another milestone in the development of World and even the industry!


No matter how time, place or environment changes, all the staff of World will insist on the fast response speed, the professional service team will remain unchanged, the quality attitude will remain unchanged, and the service channel will remain unchanged. The belief that the user-centered philosophy remains the same and adheres to the expectations of users is always the same!


The World people are constantly striving to use the paranoid attitude and exhaust all means to make the service better. 

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