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JS31 and JS36 Eccentric Gear Presses Details

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"Details reflect quality, quality creates value" - product details display (3)

JS31 and JS36 Eccentric Gear Press


The details reflect quality and quality creates value.

"High quality, high value" is our consistent pursuit of "World people". In the last issue, we showed the common details and configuration of “lightweight” products. In this issue, we will continue to show the common details and configuration of “heavy” products. In this issue, such a huge amount of equipment also reflects the "World people" as a craftsmanship "ingenuity", then let me take you to continue to visit our exquisite details!


Pneumatic dry split ejector clutch-brake

The split dry friction block structure is adopted, separately designed, separately maintained, and the space limitation is abandoned, the clutch braking ability is improved, the characteristics of low inertia, high torque and low noise are provided, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. The imported friction block has a long service life and can be used to adjust the gap to prolong the service life. The friction block can be used for more than 3 to 5 years.

clutch and brake

Double valve

The imported Toyooki double valve imported from Japan is sensitive and reliable, and the fault alarm can be displayed on the control panel in time (set the alarm light) and can be reset.

Clutch friction block

It adopts imported friction block with buffer layer in the middle, featuring high strength, high friction coefficient and high temperature resistance. The theoretical calculation life can reach 6 million/time.

Clutch interference detection

The clutch and brake action time difference are detected by the interferometer to ensure that the clutch and brake action are not interfered, the machine noise is reduced, and the service life of the friction block is improved.

safety solenoid valve


It adopts high-strength "combined narrow V-belt" transmission, which has larger transmission power, compact structure, strong adaptability, cushioning and vibration absorption performance, which can reduce noise and greatly improve service life.


The middle gear and the eccentric gear are welded parts, which are welded by special process. After welding, they are annealed, and the weld is inspected after flawless inspection. The ring gear is made of high-strength alloy steel, which can withstand greater stress and greatly improve gear service life.

press gears 

High pressure ratio copper sleeve (press con-rod bush)

The connecting rod and pin shaft support sleeve is made of high specific pressure copper sleeve. After processing, it is frozen to about -160 °C with liquid nitrogen, and then pressed into the relevant part, and fastened with a set screw or copper pin to prevent looseness. The scraping process forms an oil groove to improve wear resistance.


With the manufacturing philosophy of “breaking through technology and enlightening the future”, World Machinery has created a perfect classic with outstanding craftsmanship. User-friendly operation experience and comprehensive safety measures make operators safer and more secure; good performance brings more than expected pleasure to users.


This introduction introduces the transmission components and clutch components of the eccentric gear presses. The flexible and variable transmission structure has the characteristics of high efficiency, high adaptability and low noise. It is more efficient with the pneumatic dry split-type clutch and brake.




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