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Indian Consul Visited World Agriculture Machinery

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On January 3, 2019, Rayong, the Consul General of India in China, accompanied by Vice Mayor Liu Hongcheng, visited World Group.


At the beginning of the talks, Liu Hongcheng first welcomed the visit of Rayong and his entourage to Danyang, and briefly introduced the situation of investment and development of enterprises in the city in India. He hoped that the Indian government could strengthen the promotion of the park's functional support and investment policies and promote the economic and trade between the two places. Cooperation and exchanges in the fields of commerce and other fields have been deepened to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Mr. Rayong has been paying more attention to the World Farm machine. He has sent a number of Indian Ministry of Agriculture officials to visit the World Agricultural Machinery to learn more about the performance and quality of the World Farm products, and to the World Farm in China and India’s achievements have been fully recognized. During the talks, Consul Rayong carefully listened to the operation of the Indian subsidiaries in various states and the overall planning in India in the future and proposed several development suggestions for the development of World Farm in India: First, the World agricultural products For India, it is still a new product. It is hoped that World can strengthen the training work, so that local farmers can master the operation principle of the machine as soon as possible. Secondly, hope that World Farm can enrich the service network and facilitate the maintenance of users. Third, hope Wade The farm machine can provide a manual in the local language for users to learn by themselves. To this end, General Manager Zhu Linjun of World Farm gave a detailed reply and proposed that the development of World Farm in India is based on the recommendations of Consul General Rayong and hopes to make further investments in India.


Finally, Consul General Rayong exchanged gifts with World Farm, hoping to deepen the cooperation between the two sides and facilitate the development of World Farm in India.




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