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How To Use The Tractor Clutch Correctly

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How to use the tractor clutch correctly


Tractor is an irreplaceable machine for current agriculture production. The tractor clutch is mounted between the engine and the gearbox. Its main function is to interrupt the transmission of power when necessary. Thus, to ensure that the tractor starts smoothly, to ensure that the drive train works smoothly when shifting gears, to limit the maximum torque that the drive train can withstand and prevent the drive train from being overloaded.


Due to the important function of the clutch, it is particularly important for the majority of agricultural operators to operate the clutch correctly. This article summarizes the correct operation of the tractor clutch as follows:


1. When using the clutch to separate, it should be quick and thorough, and the pedal should be stepped on the bottom once, so that there is no stray or linkage phenomenon. When the tractor starts to lift the clutch pedal, the clutch will not be combined smoothly, and the impact load will be generated, causing the friction lining to be warped or even broken due to the huge impact force; at the same time, the other working parts of the transmission system will be damaged; Too slow will cause shock, jitter and even flameout.


The correct starting method is to master the "fast, slow, slow" essentials. The first is fast. After the tractor hangs into the low gear, quickly lift the clutch pedal and find the contact point. At this time, the tractor shakes and there is a tendency to drive. Then it is “ton”. After finding the contact point, the clutch should stop at this position. Let the clutch friction plate smoothly engage; the last is "slow", at this time gradually step on the throttle and slowly lift the clutch pedal to ensure the tractor starts smoothly. The tractor does not start with a high-gear load. It should be hung first and then shifted to the high gear after starting.


When separating, it should be rapid and thorough. If it is in a "semi-linked" state during separation, a large amount of heat will be generated between the friction plates, and the friction coefficient will decrease. Excessive heat will burn or peel off the friction plates. If the separation is not complete, continuous use of "half linkage" 1 hour or 1 minute each time, 4 hours cumulative use, clutch friction plates, separation jaws or other parts will be scrapped.


2. Do not put the foot on the clutch pedal while the tractor is running, so as to prevent the separation bearing from being in the rotating state and shorten its service life. Operate the clutch to minimize the use of the semi-coupling, because the semi-coupling can make the friction plate and the pressure plate The high temperature is generated, so that the pressure of the pressure plate spring is lost due to heat, and the friction plate can be ablated, causing the clutch to slip.


3. When trapping or getting obstacles, do not use the method of lifting the clutch to impact, so as not to damage the transmission parts. Try to start with 1st gear, do not use the clutch to change the speed, do not use semi-separation to reduce the speed, always check whether the active sheet, pressure plate, driven friction plate is stained with oil, if there is oil, apply gasoline cleaning; If the friction plate is worn too much, the friction plate should be replaced; if the spring strength is not enough, the new spring should be replaced; if the gap between the separation lever and the separation bearing is not suitable, the clearance should be adjusted. 




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