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Farmer Machinery: INAPALM Asia 2022 at JAKARTA

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Be Part of INAPALM Asia 2022
Indonesia's Leading Trade Show for Palm Oil Machinery & Processing Technology 2022
19 - 21 October 2022, JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia

in cooperating with:
SugarMach Indonesia 2022 (Sugar Manufacturing Solutions)
Food Manufacturing Indnoesia 2022 (Food Manufacturing Solutions
INAGRITECH 2022 (Agicultural Technology and Machinery)
Chemical Indonesia 2022(Chemical Manufacturing Solutions & Technologies)

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are pleased to invite and join your visit at INAPALM Asia 2022 from 19 - 21 October 2022, JIExpo - Jakarta. The show will be held together with INAGRITECH 2022, SugarMach Indonesia 202 and INAgriChem Indonesia 2022 and expect attract over 15,000 trade visitors from palm oil industry, palm oil farmer, agribusiness, professional and government.

The highlight products of INAPALM Asia 2022:
1. Farmer Tractor
2. Farmer Machinery
3. Palm Oil Machinery, Technologies & Equipment
4. Smart Farm Tracking System
5. Agrochemical
6. Boilers, Biomass, Horticulture Technologies, etc.

INAPALM ASIA 2022 will be notably serving as one of the Indonesia’s most prospective one-stop platform for palm oil machinery and processing technology. It is designed with the international-scale serves as one of the Indonesia’s most prospective one-stop-platform for palm oil industry and aims to bring together suppliers and showcase latest technology of palm oil processing machines, parts and palm oil processing result.

According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, the area of oil palm plantations in Indonesia in 2021 was around 15.09 million hectares and crude palm oil (CPO) production reached 46.88 million tons, down 0.31% from the 2020 achievement of 47.03. million tons.

The country always mainly focused on the export of raw palm oil (and other raw commodities) but has shifted its priority to refined products higher up in the value chain. To spur growth in the downstream industry, export tax on refined palm oil products have been slashed in recent years.  In order to increase the capacity and productivity of palm oil industry. Indonesia palm oil industry will procure huge wearable technology and machinery in coming year.

Why INAPALM ASIA in Jakarta?
- JAKARTA is the headquarters for most of Indonesia's palm oil companies.
- ONLY INAPALM Asia has more Indonesian visitors from all provinces (Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and Java Island)
- ONLY INAPALM Asia has more exhibitors from farm tractors and fertilizers exhibitors
- INAPALM Asia 2022 will be held together with SugarMach Indonesia 2022, INAgriTech and INAgriChem 2022.




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