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Exquisite processing in the details is the best interpretation of the product! Press details display (2)

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Exquisite processing in the details is the best interpretation of the product! 

Product details display (2)

Adhering to independent innovation and research and development, mastering key core technologies is the manufacturing philosophy of World. In the last issue, we introduced the fuselage and slider assembly. This time we will show World's patented wet clutch, clear and safe oil line, airline and powerful power system and transmission components.


World patented wet clutch

The first domestic wet clutch adopts Japanese technology and has the characteristics of high performance, high efficiency, low inertia, high torque and no dust. It has become a huge advantage of World products. Maintenance free and warranty for three years.

The whole closed oil immersion lubrication increases the service life of the friction lining and makes the environment pollution-free.

The imported friction plate, which has the characteristics of high strength, high friction coefficient, high temperature resistance and high life.

press wet clutch

press solenoid valve

Main motor - Siemens motor

The WORLD brand press can be equipped with Siemens motor, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and high protection, while reducing energy consumption and saving customers' actual use cost. Committed to two years warranty, global warranty. 

press siemens motor

High quality die forging crankshaft

The high-quality die-forged crankshaft is processed by the rolling process after the crankshaft is processed, which further improves the hardness and smoothness of the surface, greatly improves the wear resistance of the crankshaft, and effectively improves the friction life between the crankshaft and the copper tile pair.

press forging crankshaft 

Welded transmission gear

Welded large gears, ring gear forgings are used, the density of the structure is greatly improved, and the mature welding process is adopted. After welding, it is annealed to ensure the strength of the weld and the zero-diameter gear shaft for high-frequency quenching of the tooth surface. When HRC50-55 is reached, all gear tooth surfaces are precision grounded to make the gear meshing more stable, thus effectively reducing noise and improving the life of the transmission parts.

press gears

Lubricating oil lines

The whole machine adopts electric oil pump concentrated oil forced lubrication system, and the amount of lubricating grease of each lubrication point is controlled by the distributor to ensure the good lubricity of each friction pair.
press central lubrication

press automatic lubrication pump

Lubricating oil parts

Manual lubrication pump: The balance cylinder adopts a separate manual oil lubrication pump to refuel separately. According to the label, the fuel is added to each shift to ensure the lubricant volume of the balance cylinder piston during normal operation.

manual pump for press

Three-color pressure gauge: the overall gas path layout is clear, the pressure of the three-color pressure gauge is intuitive, and the pressure adjustment of each control loop is convenient.

pressure gauge for press

Working table

The surface of the whole workbench plate adopts the grinding process, and the air cushion ejector hole for the market feedback is easy to pull the hair. At present, all the air cushion plate top hole holes are increased with nylon sleeve, which is convenient to replace after wear and protect the service life of the platen.

press die cushion 

The patented Wet clutch is a huge advantage of our products, and its unique performance is also the guarantee of the stability of the WORLD brand press. The Siemens motor features as standard throughout the system provide significant power for the WORLD press. Safe and reliable oil and air lines with reasonable and clear layout provide consumers with peace of mind and peace of mind.




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