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2024 World Group Lucky Start of Work

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World Group: 2024 Lucky Start of Work

On Feb 17, 2024, World Group starts work after the Chinese New Year Holiday.

This day is a lucky day in Chinese Lunar calendary, which is Jan. 8, 2024.

All factories of world group open at the same time of same day. World agriculture machinery, world precise machinery, world construction machinery....

Hundred trucks of ordered machines, including rice harvesters, tractors, corn harvesters, planters, excavators, press machines, and accessories are shipped out at 08:18AM. World brand machines bring the best wishes to the clients.

World is a private group company set in China. He has more than 10 plants in differnent areas in China. He has plants in USA and Thailand too. More than 20 thousand employees are working in world group.




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