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4LZ-4.0E Combine Harvester
    Publish time 2017-05-17 21:56    

4LZ-4.0E combine harvester adopts hydraulic gearbox with Korean brand HST which ensures the harvester working more smoothly.

Main Features:

1.Equipped with turbocharged engine 64.7kw with stronger power and lower fuel consumption.

2.ZKB65 hydraulic gearbox with 40C HST ensures harvester working more smoothly.

3.Rubber track 450x90x51mm brings less ground clearance.

4.The length of threshing cylinder reaches 2050mm, which makes grain less loss.

5.Reverse mechanism is the best solution to solve block of conveyor.

6.Min. Ground clearance reaches 300mm, harvester can work  in deep mud fields.


Feeding Capacity  (KG/s) 4
Work Dimension  L*W*H (mm) 4900*2890*2700
Weight (KGS) 2900
Cabin/Sun-roof Sun-roof
Engine Part Model No. Changchai 4L88
Power/Speed (ps[Hp]/rpm) 88/2700
Fuel Light Diesel Oil
Fuel Capacity (L) 130
Fuel Consumption(kg/hm2) 12~30
Start Motor Starter
Gear Box ZKB65 made by WORLD Factory.
HST 40CC HST Imported from south Korea.
Walking Part Rubber Track Length of Ground Contact (mm) 1700
Center Distance (mm) 1160
Size(mm) 450*90*51
Average Contact Pressure ≤20Kpa
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 300
Gear Shifts Variable Sun-transmission 3 Shifts
Walk Speed (Km/Hour) Low:0~1.85 Medium:0~6.5 High:0~9
Theoretical Work Speed (Km/Hour) 0.9-6.5
Harvesting Unit Grain Lifter Divider
Working Width (mm) 2200
Reel Bat Dia. × Length (mm) ∮900×2028
Gearshift Method Constant Speed
Adjusting Means Hydraulic
Stubble Height[Lift] (mm) 25cm or above
Threshing &Harvesting Unit Threshing Mode Axial Flow Type, Bullet Rotor
Threshing Rotor Type of Threshing Beat Bar
Dia. ×Length (mm) ∮620*2050
Rotating Speed(rpm) 662/732
Fan Diameter ∮400
Separating Type Vibrating Sieves +Air Blow
Area of Sieves (Lowe and Upper Sieves) (m2) 1.645
Grain-unload Unit Grain Tank Capacity (M3) 1.4
Grain Discharging Type Vertical Discharging Pipe
Alarm Units Water Temperature, Battery, Oil, Grain Tank, Jam of 2# Auger
Work Efficiency(hm2/h) 0.4~0.7
Crops Rice, Wheat
Total Loss Less than 2.5%
Breakage Less than 1.5%
Impurity Less than 1.5%

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